Reading & Writing: "Under the Lampost"




Do you have an unbounded imagination? Are you fanatical about writing? Do you enjoy reading? Would you like to improve your writing skills? Have you ever thought of publishing your work? Would you like to learn how to be able to discuss the difference between good writing and mediocre writing? Have you ever wondered how your favourite authors could write so beautifully?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you'll love this course entitled "Under the Lampost." The image of the lampost, taken from C.S. Lewis' beloved Narnia books, will serve as a symbol for students of the wondrous, illuminating power of stories. It will also remind us of the bright, inspirational authors who have trod the path of literature before us and from whom we can learn---like modern-day apprentices---the art of story-telling and story-structuring. This course will focus on mastering structure and style and also dip into samples of children's literature as spring-boards into writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction pieces. In this course, you'll learn:


  • How to write grammatically
  • How to analyze writing
  • How to use a variety of literary devices to bring colour, meaning, and depth to your writing
  • How to find inspiration for your own writing
  • How to plan a writing schedule
  • How to create engaging plots
  • How to create characters that leap off the page
  • How to create memorable settings
  • How to write in a number of genres for children
  • How to develop your own writing style and voice
  • How to revise and edit your work
  • How to conduct a peer review and give (and receive) constructive criticism
  • How to prepare your work for publication

Through weekly virtual classroom discussions, a series of weekly writing assignments, blogging on our secure classroom website, and working towards longer projects (including short stories, magazine articles, and novel chapters), students will hone their reading and writing skills in a supportive environment.

Student assignments and manuscripts will receive meticulous attention and feedback from me. Students will also be encouraged to share their writings with their classmates and learn the value of peer editing. A competent level of grammar and spelling is an asset for this course; however, we will also be working on mastering these skills during the course using the wonderful Excellence in Writing program.


By the end of the course, each student will:


  • Have read several of the best classics of children's literature so as to glean important writing skills from literary masters
  • Have improved their writing skills in terms of style and structure
  • Have learned how to incorporate literary devices into their writing
  • Have learned how to become active readers
  • Have learned how to discuss literature using literary vocabulary
  • Have developed a portfolio of writing samples in a number of different genres
  • Have compiled ideas for future writing projects
  • Have written several short stories and/or magazine articles for children's publications
  • Have written an introductory chapter for a children's book
  • Have selected one of their best pieces and prepared it for submission to the children's publishing market
  • Have contributed to a classroom anthology which will be printed and distributed to students as a keepsake of their work

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