Medieval Literature: 

The Birth of English Literature from Caedmon to King Arthur




A talking cross? A philosophical rooster? Murderous monsters in a bog? Welcome to the Med ieval imagination and the world of Medieval Literature where the term, "Dark Ages," hardly applies. This is where English Literature all began.

Come listen to the haunting poetry of the Anglo-Saxons in "The Wanderer" and Beowulf and discover why heroism and fellowship were the governing principles of their lives. Feel the rising tensions introduced by Christianity which taught a new kind of heroism---one steeped in mercy. Travel with the early English missionaries whose brave stand-offs with the druids inspired countless conversions across the isle. Listen to the Cross of Christ tell the redemption story from it's perspective in the unforgettable "The Dream of the Rood." Join a Christmas revelry and be astounded by the arrival of an unexpected guest in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Journey deep into the woods with King Arthur's knights to find the Holy Grail, or follow the undaunted Sir Orfeo as he descends into Hades in search of his wife.  Meet some new friends at the Tabard Inn in London and start a journey to Canterbury with a motley crew of pilgrims whose tales will astound and delight you. Gather on a street corner in Chester and watch the yearly production of Noah sponsored by the shipwright's guild. 

Our tour of Medieval England will give you a renewed appreciation for the English language and its literature. You'll also discover why authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien devoted their lives to unearthing the literary jewels of this period and drew on Medieval texts for their inspiration in The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. Let English Literature come alive for you with this introductory course on the works which shaped England's literary legacy.

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