Caedmon Junior Tutorials


[Caedmon Junior Tutorials will not be offered this school year. Please check back for Fall 2011!]

Depending on interest, I hope to offer a face-to-face tutorial for Ottawa-based families with children in grades 4 to 8. Time and location are yet to be determined. If you're interested in enrolling your child(ren) in this course, please contact me at

This first Caedmon Junior Tutorial will aim to foster a love for literature, while also encouraging students to develop their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. We will seek creative ways to bring literature to life through individual and group projects, drama, and arts and crafts. Inspired by Melissa Hart's 101 Ways to Love a Bookstudents will read and interact with some of the best classical children's literature from fairy tales to adventure stories to myths to fantasies and more. Click here for a preliminary list of authors currently under consideration for Caedmon Junior Tutorials.

Length of tutorial: 6 months

Frequency: once a week for 1.5 hours

Grades: 4-6 (Level 1); 7 to 9 (Level 2)

Cost: $450 (one child); $350 (each, for additional siblings) (note: students currently enrolled in one of my courses will receive a Returning Student Discount. The cost for these students is $350.)

Class size:12 students (maximum)

Assessments: periodic homework assignments, memorization work, individual and group writing projects, tests, etc. Although students do not obtain credits for taking a Caedmon Junior Tutorial, they will receive progress reports, a final report, and a Certificate of Participation for their educational portfolios.

As a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers, I am also well-versed in The Ontario Curriculum for Language Arts and will use it as a spring-board to develop a course of study which meets (and exceeds) the Ministry of Education’s objectives for reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy.